Can you provide information on some of the top rated pet insurance companies?


This is not to serve as an endorsement of any insurance companies mentioned here. We will just give you a short list of some well-known pet insurance companies. It will also do you well to review each for yourself and read customer reviews to see how existing and past customers felt about a specific pet insurance company. Some reviews will give glowing statements about the customer's satisfaction with the company while others might complain because of a dispute in their claims processing or because of the service of the company.

What Makes a Pet Insurance Company a Good Choice?

Before we give the list, let us first discuss what things will help determine what makes top-rated pet insurance companies the way they are.

These companies have usually built a solid reputation as companies one can trust. That is why you should be wary of aggressive newcomers, because they have yet to establish their reputation with the public.

Another thing you should look into would be the product offering - do they offer a wide range of products with lots of choices for the customers, are these products competitively priced? Also, you should look into how customers view the company's claims processing policies and promptness.

Choosing a good pet insurance company as a partner in providing quality care for your pet is important. Amidst the tragedy of seeing your dear pet sick or injured and needing medical treatment, you should not have to worry about your claims remaining unpaid due to tricky insurance wordings, incompetent claims adjusters or a drawn-out claims process.

Some Pet Insurance Companies That Are Rated High

Here are some of the companies that are considered to be top-rate insurance providers:

  • Shelter Care.

    This provides coverage international cover. It will provide insurance plans for your pet on the basis of which country you reside. They have developed a wide reputation of being able to offer quality veterinarians as they have an extensive database not just in the United States but in the rest of the world. They are also on a partnership with Pet health Inc. to give you discounts on Pet insurance when you decide to adopt a homeless pet.

  • Pet Care Insurance.

    This offers coverage to those living in America and Canada. They mainly sell cat and dog insurance at a variety of plans and condition.

  • Pets Health Plan.

    Have four basic insurance plans. There is an available plan to cover long term and chronic illness.

  • VPI Pet Insurance.

    This is perhaps one of the biggest pet insurance companies. It provides a wide range of coverage not just for dogs and cats but for exotic pets as well.

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