Can you offer me some tips on how to choose pet insurance?


Aside from the number of pet insurance companies in the market, each company will offer a number of plans, in the effort of providing their various customers with the benefits that they need.

Here are some simple tips to help you choose the right pet insurance plan for you:

  • Get quotes from reputable companies. This will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. With a number of quotes, you are able to compare the plans side by side and determine which plans fit your budget, as well as your pet's needs.
  • Read the fine print. Look at the terms and conditions of the policy. There may be implications on the definitions of the benefits, the illnesses and the pre-existing conditions that will be excluded in the policy. When you read a policy's terms and conditions, you will know what you're getting into and what you can expect from the policy.
  • Consider future illnesses. Do not think only for the present but consider how a chronic illness will be treated by a policy. Will they cover this for just one year and exclude it when you renew the policy? Or can the coverage be extended up to the succeeding years?
  • Consider your pet's age and breed. These are important factors that will have a big impact on your insurance plan. Some pet insurance plans exclude medical treatments on specific illnesses for specific breeds. In addition, an older pet will also mean higher insurance premiums as well as some difficulty in obtaining coverage.
  • Look at the deductibles, excess levels and co-payment levels. These should be included when you consider the cost of the policy, as these amounts are also what you will be expected to pay every time you make a claim.
  • Make your research. The Internet is a handy tool for you to look at different pet insurance plans. It will also provide reviews from customers themselves and this will give you valuable insight as to the insurance companies you will be considering.
  • Have a chat with your veterinarian to ask what pet insurance he would recommend specifically for your pet. Your veterinarian will have had some experience dealing with insurance companies and what will best fit the needs of your pet.
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