What is the cheapest kind of pet insurance?


Pet insurance that only covers for accidents is the cheapest kind. Since medical expenses for illnesses are excluded, the insurance company can afford to sell the plan at a lower premium. Accident-only pet insurance is usually provided for older pets, as well as for specified breeds.

Accident-only pet insurance provides cover for:

  • Automobile accidents. This covers expenses in the event that your pet is hit by a car or is involved in any form of vehicular accident. These include expenses for medical treatment such as surgery, anesthesia, sutures and post-operative care.
  • Foreign body ingestion. If your pet swallows something that needs surgical removal, this benefit will cover for the expenses.
  • Bone fractures, cuts and lacerations. These covers for injuries not caused by an automobile accident. This pays when your pet is accidentally injured, fractures a bone or tears a ligament. This will also pay for cut pads and burns.
  • Poisoning. This will pay in case your pets swallow a poison. This includes cleaning products like detergents and bleach.
  • Allergic reactions. This will pay when your pet has an allergic reaction due to insect bites.
  • Accidental death. If your pet dies because of an accident, the insurance company will also pay for the original purchase price or for the current value of the pet, subject to specified limits.

Other benefits that your insurance will cover can include cost-of-death expenses like burial or cremation, as well as for a funeral service. This kind of insurance usually involves a yearly limit, as well as a per incident limit. There will also be a deductible for your claims, as well as a co-payment of a specified percentage.

With this long list of benefits, an accident insurance for your pet is really the cheapest kind. However, if you can afford it, it is still best to have yourself covered with a pet insurance plan that also includes medical insurance.

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