Why is pet dental insurance not included in the standard cover? Can I still get dental coverage?


To answer the first question, standard cover for pet insurance would mostly entail medical treatments for unexpected illnesses. And since pet dental insurance is mostly for routine care such as dental cleaning and teeth extraction, most standard insurance plans will not include this.

This extra benefit will also mean added premiums. Thus, pet insurance companies took this out of standard cover to give budget-conscious pet owners the option of not having the cover. Sadly, there are some pet owners who do not think dental care is also essential for their pet.

What if You Do Want Dental Coverage?

Now, if you want this coverage, you can still get pet dental insurance by buying a comprehensive pet care plan, or by adding pet dental insurance as a rider to your policy. Be sure to ask your insurance provider about it and how it can be added into your coverage.

Pet dental insurance, in our opinion, is a must, as the proper care of your pet's teeth will have a significant impact on its health. Teeth decay is known to lead to more serious health problems, including damage to your pet's heart and kidney, as well as to other internal organs.

Pets that are suffering from poor dental health may also refuse to eat and will fail to get the nutrition that they need. In the end, your pet will have a shortened life span.

Getting a pet dental insurance plan will save you from inconvenience as well as frustration, since dental treatments for pets are also somewhat expensive, since pets have to be sedated or restrained during the treatment.

The insurance usually cover accidents and illness that harm your pet's teeth. This would include periodontal disease, cavities, resorptive lesions, gingivitis and cleaning and extractions (when these are necessary to treat the illness).

Please note that when you get dental insurance, it may not cover for extractions and teeth cleaning, although there are some plans that do.

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