Is there any pet insurance that covers pre-existing health conditions?


It depends on the company offering the cover and the type of pre-existing health condition.

These are commonly classified into two kinds - curable pre-existing conditions and incurable pre-existing conditions.

Curable Pre-Existing Conditions

If your pet's illness or injury falls under a curable pre-existing condition, these may be covered, depending on some terms set by the pet insurance company. Those illnesses and injuries that fall under incurable pre-existing conditions will not be covered under the policy.

If a pre-existing condition is considered curable, the insurance company will examine the medical records of your pet. If it is shown that the specific condition has not recurred within a period (usually a year), then that insurance company may consider reinstating the coverage for that condition. This includes bladder, urinary tract or respiratory infections.

Incurable Pre-Existing Conditions

Incurable pre-existing conditions include conditions that are hereditary or congenital. These are illnesses that are prevalent for a specific dog breed and commonly develop in a pet when it gets older. Even when these conditions (or their symptoms) are not present during the time you applied for the policy, the insurance company may still exclude it at the onset of the policy.

These usually include cancer, allergies, skin lumps, urinary or bladder crystals and orthopedic illness or injury. Other conditions that will not be covered include dental problems and pregnancy.

Finding Out Whether the Pre-Existing Condition Is Covered

The best way to determine whether the pre-existing health conditions you are concerned about are covered by the pet insurance you plan to buy is to ask your insurance provider about it.

There are also cases when a condition is covered for the first year of the policy and then excluded on the succeeding years since then it falls under pre-existing medical conditions. In this case, you can look into the possibility of getting lifetime cover, so that any illnesses or injuries that your pet incurs during the life of the policy will still remain covered.

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