Which pet insurance provides coverage for my dog’s diabetes?


A chronic illness such as diabetes is usually excluded from standard insurance policy coverage as a pre-existing condition, particularly if you buy insurance when your dog already has diabetes. You can get cover for this when it is diagnosed during the time the policy is effective. However, most policies only agree to cover this during the policy year when you first claimed for diabetes.

The insurance company will pay for any medical treatment at the time when your pet insurance policy is effective and it was first discovered that your dog had diabetes. After that, it will be excluded and considered as a pre-existing condition.

Your Options for Covering Dog's Diabetes

If you want continued coverage for your dog's diabetes treatments, what you can do is insure the dog while it is still healthy - when it does not yet exhibit the symptoms and it is not diagnosed with the disease.

You should then get lifetime pet medical cover. This allows medical coverage of a chronic illness like diabetes, even after the year of its inception. It will not be treated as an exclusion to the policy and will be covered until the time the policy is effective. That means that as long as you pay for the premiums and as long as the insurance company agrees to renew your policy, your dog will enjoy medical coverage for its diabetes.

However, it is important to note that lifetime cover usually has limits. There may be "per condition, per year" limits, "per condition, per policy" limits and a "per year" limit.

  • A "per condition, per year" limit caps the insurance reimbursements or payments up to a certain amount for any given policy year. Once you have reached the limit for that disease, you can no longer claim for that disease within the year. However, when you renew your policy the next year, the limit will be "topped up" and you can now start claiming for diabetes treatments again until you have reached the limit amount. Since the limit is on a per condition basis, you can still claim for other illnesses or injuries, as these will have their own limits.
  • The "per condition, per policy" limit specifies that the insurance will only pay a given amount for diabetes during the entire life of the policy. Once that limit is reached, you can no longer claim for the medical treatments related to diabetes.
  • A "per year" limit sets a cap on all medical reimbursements for a given year and is inclusive of all illnesses.
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