Do any pet insurance plans cover hip replacement surgery?


Yes, a standard pet health insurance plan will cover expenses including hip replacement surgery, as long as the cause of the injury or illness is covered by the insurance. In fact, a pet health insurance plan can provide cover for hospitalization, medication, laboratory tests, MRI, X-Rays and CT scans.

However, please be sure to read the terms and conditions of the policy. Please note that there are only allowable injuries and illnesses for hip replacement surgery to be considered payable under a pet insurance plan. This is because the insurance company will not pay for hip replacement surgery caused by an illness that is expressly excluded in the policy because it is considered a hereditary illness prevalent in a specific breed (such as due to hip dysplasia).

When hip replacement surgery is deemed payable under the pet insurance plan, this will pay for expenses related to the surgery, including hospitalization, doctor's fees, anesthesia and prescription medication. Each benefit usually has a deductible, which will be your "share" of the expenses. The insurance company will pay for the hip replacement up to the specified limits of each benefit, as well as the specified maximum for each incident.

For some pet insurance companies, they also offer you the option of choosing an accredited provider and when you do, they provide you with a discount on the hip replacement surgery.

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