Is there such a thing as pet insurance for birds?


Yes, there is. You can get your birds covered under an avian or exotic pet insurance plan so that you can ensure that they will live longer.

This pet insurance will help defray the costs of your bird's medical treatments. These include:

  • Veterinarian's fees
  • Hospitalization
  • Related expenses for medical treatments and surgeries (due to illnesses and accidents)
  • Routine diagnostics (including laboratory tests and x-rays)
  • Prescription medications
  • Replacement of lost birds

Avian insurance are also designed to answer a bird's specific health and wellness needs. The insurance may also cover feather-picking, neoplasia surgery, self-mutilation and egg binding surgery.

When filing for a claim, you can expect to pay for your "share" of the claim, which is the deductible. There is also a maximum limit per illness or accident, as well as a maximum payment limit for the life of the entire policy.

If you want more insurance coverage for your bird, you can also opt to get a supplemental coverage rider, as well as a routine care rider. These will help to pay for routine check-ups, as well as fecal analysis, blood tests, routine exams and the trimming of its wings and nails.

There are also optional multiple bird cover - especially for those who own bird-rooms and aviaries. If your pet bird is also a bird of prey, you can buy additional insurance which will pay when your bird flies away and fails to return.

Pet insurance for birds have very affordable premiums so it's best that you purchase cover for your feathery pets.

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