Do pets have to get approved for pet insurance or do all insurance companies take them?


It really depends on the insurance company.

Some pet insurance companies guarantee automatic acceptance for pets up to a certain age (subject to terms and conditions). However, most plans usually have to get the company's approval for pet insurance.

There are also pet insurance companies that require an investigation of your pet's health condition, temperament, breed and size before they will decide to either approve or deny your application.

Still, there are some pet insurance companies that automatically enroll your pet but will require your pet's medical history records from your veterinarians. If there is a sickness or injury noted there, it will be considered as part of the pre-existing medical conditions that will be excluded in the policy coverage.

The insurance company will evaluate medical conditions that remain unresolved and have a strong possibility of recurring, continuing or leading to a related injury or illness.

The advantage of being able to enroll your pet early on (while it is still healthy and have not experienced any injuries) since the insurance company will still accept your pet for enrolment even when it has reached or surpassed the age limit. In most insurance companies, there are no age limits of policy renewal.

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