Is there any way for me to get pet health insurance for my older cats?


Yes, you can still avail of pet health insurance, even for your older cats.

Although some pet insurance companies have age limits for their products, there are still pet health insurance plans for those who have exceeded the maximum age limit. The premiums for pet health insurance for senior cats are much higher, the older your cat gets, the higher premiums are charged for coverage.

Most of the plans cover age-related diseases only (such as stroke, blindness, etc.). Also, you have to note that when you buy pet health insurance for an older pet, the insurance may exclude your pet's pre-existing conditions. There may also be higher deductibles and co-payment percentages.

When your cats become senior citizens (starting at about 8 years old), you may be faced with a lot of health expenses. Older cats are also more prone to accidents (such as falls and motor vehicle accidents).

Depending on the plan you choose, here are some benefits included in a pet health insurance plan for senior cats:

  • Medical expenses (especially for age-related diseases such as heart disease, blindness, glaucoma, diabetes and deafness)
  • Wellness plan (regular check-ups and routine diagnostics to help prevent the onset of age-related disease)
  • Accident coverage (including foreign body and poison ingestion, insect bites, burns and motor vehicle accidents)
  • End-of-life expenses such as burial and euthanasia
  • Owner's bequest, providing for the care of the pet in case the owner dies
  • Kennel boarding, providing for the temporary care of the pet in case the owner gets sick and is hospitalized
  • Trip cancellation insurance, pays or reimburses the owner for nonrefundable tickets and hotel deposits if the owner has to cancel or cut his trip short because the pet gets sick

The best thing to do is to get a lifetime cover and then continue the coverage, so that your older cat can still enjoy pet health insurance coverage. When you apply, be sure to advise your insurance company with any pre-existing medical conditions. Your cat's medical records will be reviewed at the time that you file a claim.

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