Is there pet travel insurance?


Yes, there is pet travel insurance.

This insurance provides for eventualities during you and your pet's travel. For example, if you are leaving your pet behind and it gets sick at the time that you are about to leave, the insurance will reimburse you for non-refundable tickets and hotel deposits.

Also, if your pet is left at home and you go on your travels and come back to see that your pet has damaged some of your property, this may be covered under the pet travel insurance.

If you are bringing your pet with you, the pet travel insurance will help provide for expenses in case your hotel will not allow pets to stay with you. There may also be benefits for kennel or pet sitting fees in case pets are not allowed at specific places during your itinerary.

The pet insurance may also pay for damage done by your pet during your travels. For example, if your pet is kept at a different section of the plane or is left at the hotel while you travel and it causes damage to property, the insurance will help you pay for it. However, the pet insurance company will also ensure that you have also exerted reasonable effort in prevent your pet from causing any damage. It will not pay if you have been irresponsible in keeping your pet securely in place.

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