Is pet insurance worth it and does it really save money on vet visits?


With rising medical treatment costs and the strong possibility of your pet having a claim because of illness or injury, pet insurance is actually a great idea and worth the premiums you pay for.

Saving Money on Vet Visits

A good pet insurance policy will actually save you money on vet visits. This is because when your pet gets sick or injured (and it is covered), all you have to pay would be the deductible or the co-payment amount. That is quite a lot of savings, as compared to having to pay for the treatment out of your own pocket!

Of course, the key to saving money on your pet's vet visits through its pet insurance is to choose a policy that rightly fits the needs of your pets and covers it adequately. In insurance, the key word is "covered". When the illness or injury is included in the list of covered conditions, you can expect to recover a considerable portion of the cost of the medical treatment.

So Is Pet Insurance Really Worth It?

If your pet is young (and does not get sick), you may think that pet insurance is not worth it, since you never get to claim, anyway.

However, according to statistics, two out of three pets will get a serious medical condition at some point in their lives. When this time comes to your pet, having insurance coverage is a great way for preparing for unexpected (and oftentimes expensive) veterinary emergencies.

When you start getting pet insurance early, it will cover your pet for any medical condition it incurs during the time your policy is effective. The problem with getting pet insurance at the last minute is that all medical conditions prior to the time you bought the policy is automatically included under the pet's pre-existing conditions and will be excluded from the cover.

To make sure that you get a good insurance policy, check to see the extent of the coverage, the amount of deductible and co-payment you have to pay for every claim and the maximum caps paid for every benefit and every event. These are the things you have to look into when you want to check if a pet insurance policy is worth it.

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