Is pet insurance worth the money and do cats get sick often enough that I would use it?


Yes, pet insurance is worth the money, even when you think that your cat does not get sick often enough that you don't think you can make use of it.

Here are some reasons why pet insurance is worth it:

  • Rising costs of medical treatments.

    Veterinary medicine has advanced in such a way that your pet can avail of a lot of services and diagnostic tools. It can undergo chemotherapy, as well as CT scans and MRIs.

    This means that there are a lot of medical treatments for your cat that will really burn a hole in your pocket. And, when you consider that statistically, one out of three pets will require emergency care annually, you can't be sure if it will be your cat who'll be the next to get sick.

  • Longer life span for cats.

    Again, because of technology, cats live longer now than they used to. That means that your pet will need more visits to the veterinarian and you will have to pay for these, as well as associated costs during your cat's life span.

  • Vulnerability of cats.

    Even if you think that your cat is healthy and seldom gets sick, there are still a lot of possibilities. It can burn its paws, it can be hit by a car, and many other things that can happen to hurt and injure your cat.

    When your feline friend gets injured, you will be faced with high veterinary costs, costs which a pet insurance policy will help to shoulder. Cats also get sick, but they are just better at hiding it than dogs.

    Cats can suffer a wide variety of illness, from easy to treat ones such as eye inflammations, ear infections, gastritis and skin allergies to more serious medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, renal failure and hyperthyroidism.

  • Peace of mind.

    Even when your cat faces a medical emergency or is confined to the veterinary clinic, you can still rest assured, knowing that your pet insurance will cover some of the costs.

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