How do I start a pet insurance company?


Starting a pet insurance company is not a simple thing. It is usually complicated and will require a lot of time, money and effort.

What you can do to jumpstart your dream of having a pet insurance company is to begin having your own insurance agency. This will help you understand the business so that when you do start your pet insurance company, you already know the ins and outs of the industry.

Here are the first steps towards staring a pet insurance company:

  1. Get a license to sell insurance from your state. This means that you have to take and pass some licensure examinations.
  2. Obtain training and experience. You can work under an agency while you're training and becoming eligible to start your own agency. This will take around five years. This will also give you time to develop your client base.
  3. Start applying to become a pet insurance company that is licensed by the state. When you are already established as an insurance agency, you can start the steps toward beginning a pet insurance company. Learn the requirements and laws that cover pet insurance in your state. Go to the Insurance Commission in your state to know what they require with regards to insurance premium rates and capital. Then, apply for a corporate insurance license.
  4. Start selling your pet insurance products. Once you get this, your company can start selling insurance products under its name. If you also have a lot of capital, you can buy an existing insurance company that is already licensed to sell insurance in your state.

When you begin, be sure to have a business plan. This will provide you the strategy by which you will conduct your business. A business plan is also necessary for you to obtain a loan to get your business going.

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