How can I cancel VPI pet insurance?


You may cancel your VPI pet insurance anytime during the life of the policy. All you need to do is to write a letter to the company stating that you wish to cancel your pet insurance policy. Be sure to get their confirmation that they have indeed cancelled your insurance.

If you cancel your VPI pet insurance policy within 10 days after the policy first became effective, the company provides you with a full refund. This 10-day money-back guarantee enables you to study the insurance policy to see if it is to your satisfaction.

Please be reminded to put the cancelation in writing. Don't assume that just because you stop paying for the policy it means that it is already canceled.

However, we recommend that you think about your pet's needs before you cancel the policy. If your pet gets sick or injured during the time that the VPI policy is canceled and you still have not bought another pet insurance policy, that illness or injury may be included in your pet's pre-existing conditions and may be excluded from the policy.

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