How to become a pet insurance sales agent?


Proceed to your state insurance department to ask about the requirements. Usually you will be required to take a licensure exam. Passing the exam will demonstrate your knowledge on insurance products and the laws covering these. You need to get a casualty and property insurance license.

Once you're licensed, you can choose to be under an insurance company or be an independent agent.

An independent agent is able to sell a variety of products from a number of insurance companies. You should study to know the products you are selling. As a sales agent, you need to effectively demonstrate the advantages of your pet insurance products including how much they will pay as premiums, what benefits they stand to claim against, as well as deductibles and exclusions. You should also be able to show them what illnesses and accidents are covered.

As a sales agent, you can decide whether to have a commercial office, if you want to sell insurance online or both. That means that you can start being a pet insurance sales agent as a home-based business, where you are reaching potential customers via the Internet. You can also put up an office where you will buy office equipment and furniture.

Whatever you choose, you should ensure that the way you reach your customers is very professional and business-like. It is also important that you set up your business in such a way that it is efficient.

Tips for Becoming a Reputable Pet Insurance Sales Agent

Here are some ways to build a good reputation as a pet insurance sales agent:

  • Maintain excellent records. The insurance industry requires a lot of documents and records keeping. So you should have a system for your record, billing and record-keeping.
  • Be computer based.
  • Advertise. You can look into advertising your products through animal and pet magazines, pet shops and pet websites. You can also look into how you can partner with veterinarian offices as venues where you can advertise. You can use banner ads in websites, brochures and newsletters to targeted customers.

Finally, to become a pet insurance sales agent, you need to know how to take care of your customers.

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