How long does it take for the payout on a claim for pet insurance?


Processing a pet insurance claim should be a fairly simple process and most insurance companies take about 10 working days (20 working days, at most) for it to provide you with the payout on a claim for pet insurance. To be sure, you can give your insurance company a call to ask for the estimated time for it to process a claim.

To ensure that your claim is processed quickly, make sure that you provide the insurance company with the necessary information and documents to help them process your claim.

Since most of the insurance companies already have an internet presence, you can easily go to their website and download a claim form. Be sure to complete the form and ask your veterinarian to also provide you with the necessary medical reports and supporting documentation.

Reasons for Delays of the Payout

There may also be a delay on the payout for a pet insurance claim when there is a dispute on the amount being claimed.

There may be times that the pet insurance company will state that the claimed amount is higher than the usual claimed amount for that same medical treatment. To expedite solution to disputes like these, be sure to include the paid receipt as well as the itemized bill from your veterinarian to prove that it is actually the amount you paid. You should also include receipts paid for medication and other necessary medical supplies.

Other cause of delays on the payout of the claim is the fact that the claim may not be covered in the policy.

The insurance company will check if the illness or injury being treated is caused by a pre-existing medical condition. It will ask you to provide previous records from your veterinarians to check. This would also take some time. Once it's determined that the medical treatment was given because of a pre-existing medical condition, then it will not pay for the claim.

The same goes for other claims, such as accident benefits, pet replacement benefits and other related pet insurance claims.

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