I want to be an agent, how can I sell pet insurance?


When you want to learn how to sell pet insurance, you have to first understand how important it is to prepare for a pet's medical treatment and to make the pet owner see this. You see, some pet owners don't see the point of buying pet insurance and you have to make them realize the financial (and emotional) impact a sick pet will have on them.

  • Make a cost analysis of possible medical expenses and compare it to the premiums and deductibles the pet owner will pay. Make the cost analysis based on a long-term basis and not just on a month-on-month basis. Take a look not just at routine medical care, but to possible surgeries, medicines, x-rays, and hospitalization costs.
  • Relate your feelings and experiences and empathize with the pet owner. A good pet insurance agent should also have a pet, and it is a good idea to talk to your prospective clients about your pet and how having pet insurance makes you feel. Statements such as "It's a good thing my dog is insured. Now, I feel more confident and I'm at peace, knowing that my insurance will help me afford the treatments my pet will need." or "I just love my pet, and I will do anything I can to make sure my pet is healthy and well."
  • Make the sales pitch personal - don't just talk about the features of the insurance plan, but talk about how good it will be for their pet to have it. Call their pets by name.
  • Breathe life into the insurance product. Most pet owners consider the jargon of an insurance policy confusing and boring. This should not be so. Make the benefits come alive by using real examples and computations so that they can readily see the advantages of each of the benefits offered.
  • Help your clients decide which plan would work well for them. You, as a pet insurance agent, will serve as their partner and should work in their best interest. You should look at what their pet would need and make suggestions as to the plans that will serve those needs best.
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