What makes horse and rider insurance different from other horse insurance products?


Essentially, horse and rider insurance is the same as standard horse insurance, but this time it also provides cover for the rider. Horse insurance will basically cover for medical treatments that your horse may need because of accidents or illnesses.

The personal injury insurance component of the horse insurance will cover for injuries that you sustain because of your horse's actions. When you have this coverage, check to see if it provides a fixed schedule for every injury (i.e. a certain amount of money for a broken arm) or actual medical costs, subject to a limit.

Check also to see if the insurance covers all persons riding the horse or just a specified rider. In addition, you should check whether the coverage is applicable only if you are riding the horse, or if it will protect you for injury caused by the horse regardless if you are riding it or not.

Depending on the horse insurance package you get, you can also make use of other types of coverage. Horse insurance may include:

  • Mortality or death cover. This will pay a certain amount in case your horse dies. This coverage is particularly valuable to those who own thoroughbreds and other expensive horses.
  • Theft. Horses are valuable - not just because of their value, but because of the years of training that it already has under its belt. That is why you, as an owner, need to protect it against theft. This insurance will pay an agreed amount when your horse is stolen.
  • Permanent Loss of Use. When a horse is injured and cannot go back and do what it was trained to do, this coverage will indemnity you for this. This is particularly useful for show horses or for horses that are trained for competitions such as racing and equestrian events.

When looking at the insurance cover, check if it provides either for replacement value or current value. If the insurance is for current value, it will deduct depreciation costs and other obvious damages. However, if the insurance is for replacement value, it will provide you the amount you will need to buy the new equipment.

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