How can I get cheap pet insurance for my dogs?


There are several things you can do to get cheap pet insurance for dogs. Here they are:

  • Do your research and compare. The internet is a great tool for looking for the best-priced pet insurance. You can get quotes for various plans and various insurance companies. When you compare for "cheap" pet insurance, you should not only look at the premiums to be paid. You should also consider other factors such as the benefits provided, the deductible you have to pay and the conditions being excluded.
  • Do your shopping online. When you can go directly to the pet insurance company, they can provide savings in terms of discounts. These discounts may be given because they don't have to pay commissions to a middle man, such as an insurance agent or broker. However, there are also some brokers who provide value by giving you discounts.
  • Balance deductibles and co-payments with premiums. Remember, the higher your share of the claims, the lower the premiums will be. There are some insurance providers who provide you with the flexibility to choose the co-payment and deductibles that are agreeable with you and your budget. Now, you have to balance the need to have affordable co-pays and deductibles with the premiums you can afford. Take note that you only have to pay excess on a claimed benefit only if you file a claim.
  • Insure your pet while it's young and healthy. If you can get a policy that guarantees constant premiums throughout the life of the policy, then it's best to get the insurance when it's at a low level.
  • Buy insurance for multiple pets. The more pets you insure, the lower premiums you'll pay for each pet.
  • Get your insurance policy from a budget provider. There are a lot of budget insurance companies that provide policies at a discount.
  • Consider getting an accident-only coverage. Accident-only pet insurance is the cheapest kind, by virtue of the fact that it's only for accidents.

Remember that you should always have a careful balance between benefits and premiums when you are in the process of choosing a policy.

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