Will my ferret be covered by pet insurance?


Pet insurance cover for ferrets can be quite hard to find, but you can still avail of one if you know how to look.

You can get coverage through an exotic pet insurance. Some insurance providers, such as VPI, are already accepting cover for ferrets. There is even an option to provide a multiple pet discount, if you have more than one.

Pet insurance for your ferret will cover a wide variety of illnesses and accidents. This includes hospitalization, surgeries, prescribed medicines and even x-rays. It may even provide benefits for medical treatments for cancer, liver infections, insulinoma and ferret adrenal disease.

However, there may also be some exclusions. These exclusions particularly apply to endocrine tumors and endocrine hyperplasias.

The ferret pet insurance policy will exclude:

  • Diagnosis
  • Surgery
  • Medical management
  • Regular treatments

These exclusions refer only to the endocrine-related diseases stated above.

It is a good idea to have your ferret covered by pet insurance since ferrets can be prone to sickness and can even be infected with an illness that you have, like the flu. Once sick, the ferret's medical condition can deteriorate quite quickly and medical treatments can be expensive.

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