What’s the easiest way to compare prices for pet insurance?


Get on the internet and let your fingers do the walking (or research) for you! If you want to compare prices for pet insurance the easy way, that's the way to go. You can go to Google and check out all the websites that sell pet insurance.

Then, you can start asking for quotes for the pet insurance products sold by the various pet insurance companies. The website will usually provide you with a quote, as well as the schedule of benefits and exclusions provided in a pet insurance plan.

Also, there are websites and organizations that provide pet insurance reviews for the various insurance companies. Some of these have tools for you to easily compare pet insurance prices and benefits side by side. There are also review sites that not only give you an idea of the price, but also provide a review of the products, the companies and their services.

The other great thing about looking at pet insurance products over the internet is that you can easily see if discounts are offered. You can even ask for these discounts yourself.

Now, if you are into comparing pet insurance products, you should also remember that the cheapest pet insurance policies does not necessarily mean policies that will suit you and your pet's needs and budget. When comparing prices for pet insurance products, you also have to look at the following:

  • Benefits: What are the benefits provided under the policy? Are these fairly comprehensive?
  • Exclusions: What illnesses and conditions are excluded?
  • Deductible and co-payment: These are often the most neglected aspect of comparing pet insurance prices when in fact, this is actually part of what you pay for in a pet insurance policy? Are the deductibles and co-payment amounts or percentages reasonable? Or do they make the insurance coverage almost negligible as you end up paying the same amount (premiums, deductibles and co-payments combined) that you would have paid if your pet was not insured.

These are just a few considerations you should look into so that you can get the best pet insurance policy for your furry friend.

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