Does petcare insurance provide cover for lost pets?


It depends on the type of insurance cover you purchased.

Standard petcare insurance will only mostly cover medical costs (that are not routine and unplanned). However, more comprehensive petcare insurance plans does provide some cover for lost pets.

This component of the insurance will help you with the costs in your effort to recover your lost pet. With this, you can claim against the expenses such as printing of "lost" notices you can post in your neighborhood, as well as the cost of placing an ad in a local radio or TV station. It may also provide you with a specified amount you can use as reward money for those who can provide information that will lead you to the recovery of your lost pet.

And, when a certain time period has elapsed and you still haven't recovered your pet, this part of petcare insurance may provide you with a certain amount as indemnity.

This can come under current value cost or actual cost. Current value will pay for how much the pet costs at the present, or for the actual amount of money you paid for your pet. Of course, current value is much better as the cost of replacing your lost pet may be expensive now. However, it may also mean more expensive premiums.

The best way to know if your insurance plan has this is to look at the policy's benefits.

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