Do I need to buy my kitten insurance?


Let us first review the disadvantages of kitten insurance. There are some reasons why people think that it is not worth it.

  • Kittens are young and healthy and are less prone to getting sick.
  • Kitten insurance will not pay for routine care and vaccinations.
  • The premiums you pay may end up bigger than what you claim.

That said, we still suggest that you get cover, even just for a basic plan. Here are some reasons why kitten insurance is a great way to go:

  • Curiosity killed the cat - or even the kitten. Kittens are curious by nature and run into all kinds of trouble. They can swallow objects and poisonous materials, run into furniture, get injured because of a fall, or because of someone unthinkingly stepping on them. Yes, kittens are balls of fur and energy and have a sense of adventure that will, more often than not, cause them injury. It's great to prepare for emergencies when you have to rush your kitten to the vet.
  • Peace of mind. From preparedness comes peace of mind, knowing that the pet insurance will help pay for your young pet's medical treatments.
  • Expensive treatments. You may be shocked when you get your bill and see that it has escalated to hundreds of dollars, and even thousands. There are a lot of innovations in the veterinary care industry but this has also brought about increases in the cost of healthcare, as veterinarians become more specialized and equipped with expensive equipment.
  • Early insurance may mean continued coverage of chronic illness. When your pet is still young, it has no or very little illnesses. As such, when you do get your kitten insured, there are no pre-existing conditions to speak of and thus no exclusions for these. Insuring your kitten early and getting a lifetime cover for it would mean that any illnesses it incur while the policy is in place would mean continued coverage, regardless of whether the illness is chronic or not.

So, we feel that the advantages of kitten insurance outweigh the perceived disadvantages.

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