Is there discount animal insurance if you adopt a dog from a shelter?


Yes, there are some states and insurance companies that encourage you to adopt a dog from a shelter by providing discounts on the animal insurance.

This is an effort to provide added value to people who are considering adopting a pet from a shelter or from a rescue center. In addition, you can opt to get an older dog, as there are usually no age restrictions to the discounted animal insurance plan.

This offer is commonly offered by state or nationwide, depending on the range of the insurance company or the animal shelter's database.

When you visit your neighborhood shelter or rescue center, be sure to ask if they have partnered with a pet insurance company so that they can provide discounts on the premiums when you adopt from the shelter. You can then sign in at the shelter in order to avail of new adopter's insurance. You can also look at the pet insurance company's website and apply for your discounted animal insurance plan there.

If you still haven't chosen a pet, what you can do is to pre-register the insurance, and then at the time you adopt, you can just activate the pet insurance.

The insurance provided is usually the basic coverage that you will need with respect to illness and accident protection.

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