If my dog is classified as dangerous, can I still get dog bite liability insurance for my pet?


Yes, although admittedly, it can be quite difficult to find an insurer who is willing to provide dog bite liability insurance for a dog that has already been classified as dangerous.

Also, you can expect the premiums to be expensive since the pet insurance company will consider your dog to have a high risk of injuring or hurting someone.

If you are sued because of your dog's actions, dog bite liability insurance will help to pay for the damages the court will ask you to pay. The insurance may also kick in to provide medical payments and property damage for the injuries and damage your dog caused.

Unfortunately, the classification of "dangerous" for your dog is not because of its behavior or history of violence (although these can be contributing factors), but because of its breed. In fact, some states have already classified some dog breeds as dangerous. Dogs that may be classified as dangerous include

  • pit bulls,
  • dogs that are trained as fighting dogs,
  • Dobermans,
  • German Shepherds and
  • Rottweilers.

But even if it is difficult, it still is possible. Dog bite liability insurance can be bought through your pet insurance or through a homeowners or renters insurance.

A car insurance that has third party liability coverage can also cover for dog bites, as long as the incident happened within the car. If you can't get this coverage through a homeowners or renters insurance, you can also try to get a separate policy or supplemental rider that specifically covers dog attacks and dog bites.

What you can also do is to consider the breed of the dog you are planning to own. This way, there will not be problems getting insurance.

Another way you can increase your chances of getting dog bite liability insurance is to enroll your dog in obedience classes or in other classes that are aimed at changing its behavior so that the chances of it attacking or biting is lessened. The insurance company can also ask you to muzzle or restrain your dog or keep it inside a cage or chained before they agree to issue to coverage for your dog.

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