What is the cost for health insurance yearly for a horse?


The yearly cost of health insurance for your horse is usually pegged at around 4 to 5 percent of your horse's value. For example, if your horse is valued at $5,000, then your health insurance cost would be around $200 to $250 yearly.

Health Insurance for Horses Specifics

Health insurance for horses is usually more expensive since there are only a few insurance companies who are willing to cover health insurance for horses. This is because horses are considered at a higher risk of getting injured.

There are two kinds of health insurance for horses.

  • One kind covers expenses for surgical procedures, such as treatment for torn or damaged ligaments and colic. It will also pay for post-operative care.
  • A second kind of health insurance covers not just surgical expenses, but also non-surgical treatments as well.

Health insurance for horses usually requires the purchase of horse life or mortality insurance. This means that aside from the 4 to 5 percent that you will pay for health insurance, you will also pay an additional premium for horse life insurance. This is usually pegged at 4% of the value of the horse. That means that you will have to shell out around 8 to 9 percent of the value of the horse.

You may think that this is quite expensive, considering that horses (especially the thoroughbreds and other high-value horses) can costs into the thousands. But health care for horses is also expensive and we recommend that you cover yourself against these expenses.

Other costs related to health insurance will include co-payments and deductibles. The insurance company will also put a cap on the length and the cost of medical treatment.

Also, if your horse is used in competitions (such as racing, equestrian or rodeo), you will have to pay higher yearly premiums. This is because horses that are involved in competitive events are more likely to get injured or involved in an accident.

Another factor that affects the cost of health insurance for your horse is the breed of the horse. A more superior breed would mean more expensive premiums.

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