Can you claim for cat’s teeth removal from pet insurance?


It depends if your pet insurance includes pet dental care. Usually, pet insurance will just pay for emergency dental care and not for routine dental treatments. Check if your policy includes dental coverage for your cat.

A pet dental insurance plan will help you in maintaining your cat's healthy teeth and help ensure that your cat gets the dental care it needs. You see, dental issues are the ones most commonly identified in routine check-ups. There is a link between bad teeth and damaged internal organs for your pet, such as the liver, kidneys and the heart.

Your pet may also suddenly refuse to eat, particularly if its teeth are particularly painful. This, in turn, causes your pet's life span to be shortened. There are a variety of treatments for difference dental illnesses (such as oral abscesses, periodontal disease, cavities, gingivitis, feline resorptive lesions, and of course teeth extractions).

Benefits of Pet Dental Insurance

With dental insurance, you can now easily afford more comprehensive dental care (which includes removal or your cat's teeth). With insurance, you just need to pay for the deductible or the co-payment percentage.

Pet dental insurance provides cover for illness and accidents related to your pet's dental health. Your pet dental insurance will also help to cover for teeth supplies, pain relief, antibiotics and more.

You can also opt to include routine care such as check-ups and cleaning sessions into your plan. However, it will not cover vitamins, supplements or orthodontic procedures.

Pet dental insurance is often sold as an additional rider to your pet insurance policy. Of course, you will pay a little extra premium, but believe us, it's worth it since it will pay for a lot of dental procedures, including the removal of your cat's removal. There is a co-payment schedule or deductible for every visit you make.

With pet dental insurance, you know that you can claim for your cat's teeth extraction and other covered dental treatments. This makes dental care and treatment more affordable for you.

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