Do I have a choice when it comes to the hospital my pet will be treated?


If you choose to avail of your insurance on a reimbursement basis, you can virtually have freedom to choose which provider or pet hospital you can bring your pet to. After your pet is treated and you have fully paid for the treatments, you can take the receipt (and the veterinarian's report) to your insurance company to file a claim.

However, before you avail of any treatments, it is best to inform your provider about this.

There may be some cases when the insurance company will dispute the amount being claimed when it is higher than the average cost for the same treatment when it is provided by their accredited veterinarians. You see, the location of the veterinary clinic, as well as other factors, will affect pricing.

Now, if you want the insurance company to pay for the treatments directly to the veterinarian, what you can do is to get the treatment from any of their accredited veterinarians.

Most insurance companies will provide you with a list of their accredited medical providers where you can bring your pet. For this, you only have to pay for the deductible, with the rest of the amount paid directly by the insurance company. Of course, benefit limits will apply and any treatment expenses that exceed the limit will be paid by you.

If you want more freedom in your choice of a veterinarian or clinic, work with a pet insurance provider that guarantees an extensive list of veterinarians. That way, you have a lot of choices when it comes to who will treat your pet. This will come especially handy during emergencies, when you can't get to your usual veterinary clinic on time.

Although you may want to get the veterinary of your choice, we recommend that you work with an accredited veterinary. You can have the added advantage of discounts for other treatment since your pet insurance company can work with the veterinarian to provide these.

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