What is the best pet insurance policy that covers emergencies?


If you are worried about emergencies, the best pet insurance policy you can have is one that provides you with a long and extensive list of veterinary clinics and other pet health providers.

This is because during an emergency, you may not have time to shop around for a more cost-effective veterinary clinic. You may not also have ready cash or credit to pay for emergency treatments. Thus, a pet insurance policy that has a lot of accredited clinics where they have deals that involve the insurance company covering the initial expense for the emergency treatment is ideal for you.

It is ideal to have a pet insurance plan that allows you to choose your veterinarian at your own discretion. But commonly, these will require that you pay for the emergency treatment up front and then have the payment reimbursed later on.

Thus, you may have to turn to accredited doctors in times of emergencies. If your insurance company is able to provide you with a lot of choices, then that pet insurance policy may be the best to fit your needs during an emergency.

Also, to determine that you have the best pet insurance plan that covers emergencies, you should read the policy's terms and conditions. Ask the following questions:

  • What are the exclusions? Aside from what is being covered, you should also look at what is being excluded. Pre-existing conditions are usually excluded from the cover. The insurance company will not pay for treatment for illnesses or injuries that are incurred before the policy becomes effective. Some policies also exclude congenital conditions as well as pregnancies.
  • Who decides on the treatment of your pet? It should be your chosen veterinarian and you who will make the choice as to what treatments are ideal for your pet. The insurance company should give this decision-making process to those who are treating your pet.
  • What fees are being paid? For emergency treatment, check whether anesthesia, sedatives and diagnostic and lab fees are also covered.

The greatest benefit in choosing the best pet insurance plan that can provide what you need during emergencies would be your peace of mind.

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