What is the best most complete pet insurance plan?


When you are choosing the best and most complete pet insurance plan, there are a lot of things you should consider. Of course, you should look into the benefits that the plan is able to provide your pet and you should balance these benefits with the premiums you can afford.

A complete pet insurance plan will usually provide protection against medical fees due to covered illnesses and injury, accident and life insurance, pet liability insurance, as well as for the loss and recovery of a pet. A good plan can also offer preventive treatment, diagnostic fees, emergency care and kennel fees.

However, when you are comparing several pet insurance plans, the best and most complete one you could choose will be one that provides you with added benefits and services.

Here are some things you should look into:

  • Benefit limits. The maximum limits provided for each benefit should be adequate enough to cover your pet's needs. If you feel you need coverage for surgery, are the limits for the surgical benefit enough? If the benefit limits are too low, you will end up paying for the costs that go beyond that limit. What is the maximum limit per incident? Often, your pet insurance will set a cap on any one incident. For example, for a leg injury, it may set the amount of $2,000 as its limit. If your claims for that leg injury go over that, anything over $2,000 will not be paid by the insurance company.
  • Exclusions. This is also one thing you should look at when considering the best pet insurance plan. Are there exclusions for diseases where your pet is especially vulnerable?
  • Choice of medical providers. Do you have freedom to choose the veterinarian you want or are you limited to a list that is given by the insurance company?
  • Added costs. What are the co-payment and deductible amounts?
  • Service. Is the insurance company providing you with quality service? Are your questions or concerns addressed promptly? Or do you need to wait 30 minutes on the phone before you are able to talk to a service representative?
  • Claims processes. Is the insurance provider known for its swift processing of claims? Does it pay directly to the veterinarian, or do I have to pay first and then claim for reimbursement later?

These are some considerations you should look into when choosing the pet insurance product that is the best and most complete for your needs.

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