Can you recommend me an affordable health insurance for my pet hamster?


You can get your hamster insured by buying an exotic pet insurance and most of the plans provided by insurance companies are reasonable and affordable.

This is because medical treatments for a hamster are not as complicated and expensive as those provided for dogs or cats. Also, routine check-ups for your pet hamster will not cost much, just around $20 to $50.

The cost of the insurance will depend on the kind of veterinary clinic you choose, as well as its location. Exotic pet insurance will really kick in when you need to pay for medical treatment that is more complicated or critical to your pet.

To ensure your pet's health, you have to bring him to the vet for his annual checkup. Although hamsters are generally robust animals, they are prone to diseases that they can get from other animals and from humans.

Affordable pet insurance will really help in shouldering the costs of treatment for illnesses like:

  • bladder infections,
  • diarrhea, constipation,
  • diabetes,
  • lesions and scabs,
  • cannibalism,
  • kidney infection,
  • hair loss,
  • colds,
  • heat stroke,
  • ear infections,
  • cancers,
  • cataracts,
  • allergies,
  • etc.

Hamsters are also prone to injury, abscesses, such as broken limbs and bites from other animals.

Because of the hamster's small size, a minor illness may turn into a serious one if you don't provide prompt solutions for it. What's more, hamsters are nocturnal animals and the signs indicating that it is injured or ill may not be immediately noticeable. Thus, you need to check your hamster regularly for injuries or signs of illness.

Check if they are not their usual energetic self and are instead lethargic and walk in a hunched or stiff-legged manner. This would mean that your hamster is sick and needs immediate attention.

Exotic pet insurance will kick in to pay for your hamster's medical expenses. Because it is quite affordable to buy your pet an insurance policy, we highly recommend that you get one.

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