What are the functions of the National Insurance Crime Bureau?


Insurance providers are exposed to a considerably high risk of being ripped off through fraudulent claims. As a result, insurance premiums soar and policy owners are forced to pay more for their protection.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has been established to counter insurance crime and thus secure the well-being of both insurers and policy owners.

Activities of the National Insurance Crime Bureau

The National Insurance Crime Bureau is a non-profit association supported by a thousand insurance providers and working in partnership with the police and the authorities, its major goal being to prevent and fight insurance crime by identifying and persecuting its perpetrators and raising social awareness about the issue.

Common activities of the National Insurance Crime Bureau include performing investigation and data analyses, training and educating the public about insurance fraud and theft, and coming up with solutions to the widespread problem of insurance crime.

Teaching consumers how to recognize insurance crime and how to protect themselves against it is a major preoccupation of the National Insurance Crime Bureau - and the first step to the prevention of such crimes. The Bureau does that by publishing regular reports and fact sheets related to insurance crime on its website.

On the National Insurance Crime Bureau website you can perform an online VIN check to determine whether a car has been stolen. In the section titled "Hot Wheels" you can see which the nation's most stolen vehicles are by state, and call a toll-free number if you wish to report a case of insurance fraud. The "Hot Topics" section contains the latest news and updates related to the issue of insurance crime, including statistics by state.

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