Can you get long term care insurance when you have Alzheimer's?


There are some long term care insurance policies that cover Alzheimer's disease, there are some that don't. So, if this is a concern of yours, be sure to ask about this coverage before you buy the policy.

Now, if you already have Alzheimer's disease, the possibility of being qualified for long term health insurance is very small. Most likely, the insurance company will decline the coverage. Thus, if you and your family have a tendency towards this disease, it is highly advisable that you get coverage before you contract the disease.

Caring for someone with Alzheimer's can drain not just the finances, but also the emotions and physical strength of the ones caring for the patient. The patient can be hard to manage, exhibiting aggression, disorientation or disconnection with what's happening around him. The patient may also lose their ability with regards to speaking, remembering and moving about. Admittance into a nursing home or an assisted living facility may be the best option.

When you are thinking about buying a policy, here are some things you can do:

  • Study the policy wordings. The policy should specifically list Alzheimer's disease as part of the coverage. The policy should also state the length of the payment period, as well as whether there is an inflation protection option that you would want to avail of. The policy should also be guaranteed renewable, in case you start showing symptoms and suffer a decline in your health (both physically and mentally).
  • Buy the insurance promptly. If you wait until you start showing the symptoms, it may be too late and you may be refused coverage.
  • Study the different expenses involved in taking care of Alzheimer's patients. Aside from long term care, what other expenses will one need to take on? You can look into newsletters and groups created for the purpose of supporting those with Alzheimer's. This will give you an idea of the expenses involved in taking care of someone with this disease.
  • Get quotes from various insurance companies so that you can compare the different policies provided.

Alzheimer's is said to be one of the leading reasons why people are admitted into a nursing home or assisted living facility. It strikes around 6 million people over 65 years old. And the average length of time a person with Alzheimer's can survive after diagnosis is 10 years. That is why if this is a concern for you, you should study the possibility of getting insurance to cover for this eventuality.

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