Does VA insurance cover LTC?


There is a priority system involved, so that more priority for long term care coverage is given to those whose disabilities occur while the person is on duty. Next in line would be those who are VA pensioners or who are receiving a low income. Also, the provision of long term care insurance will vary from state to state.

Long term care cover is only provided to veterans who:

  • Are eligible for VA benefits (mostly due to the fact that the disability was incurred in the line of duty)
  • Receive the long term care from VA or VA-approved facilities
  • Are enrolled in the health care system provided by VA

Here are some of the disability benefits given by the Department of Veterans Affairs:

  • Long term care which includes nursing home care, home care, care from assisted living facilities, hospice or respite care.
  • State Veterans homes. These state veterans homes may also provide some form of long term care. Most of these homes are run like nursing homes (or domiciliary care facilities or assisted living facilities), where some level of professional and non-professional care is provided. The homes may provide services such as hospice care, adult daycare and assisted living.
  • Pensions and other disability payments. Those who are disabled are paid a monthly income due to a service-connected disablement. The pension, which can be up to $1,800 monthly can be used to fund long term care needs, as well as other needs such as unreimbursed medical expenses. The pension may be paid to the veteran or to his single surviving spouse.

Other benefits that can help in the recovery and rehabilitation of veterans include funding for renovating the home (to adjust for the new needs of the patient), discounted or free prescription drugs, prosthetics, domiciliary care, as well as free medical care.

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