How do I negotiate an adequate personal injury settlement amount?


If you have been harmed in any way as a result of somebody else's negligence, you can be indemnified by filing a personal injury liability claim against the person in charge. However, it is not that easy when it comes to handling the case yourself.

Relying on the third party's insurance provider to deal with the personal injury case is in most cases equivalent to accepting that you deserve less money in compensation than you actually do. It is in the insurance companies' interest to minimize your damages as much as possible since that is what they will have to pay. The best way to determine a fair personal injury settlement amount is by contacting an experienced, qualified and skilled attorney.

A good lawyer knows how to file a personal injury claim, negotiate the case, determine the right settlement amount and most importantly, work in your best interest. What an insurance adjuster will do, is contact you as soon as possible after the accident and try to offer you a deal which, in most cases, will not provide adequate compensation for your pain and suffering.

Tips for Getting the Right Personal Injury Settlement Amount

  • Never accept or sign anything offered by an insurance adjuster, right after an accident especially if you don't know yet exactly what the amount of your losses is.
  • Try and find a good and reliable attorney specializing in personal injury cases, and have the attorney deal with the insurance adjusters instead.
  • Make sure you follow the offers and counteroffers exchange between the attorney that you hired and the insurance provider. More than 90% of the personal injury liability claims end with a favorable settlement out of court.
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