How does liability insurance protect you in personal injury cases?


Nobody is exempt from being sued for personal injury. There are, however, certain professions that are more susceptible to being raised personal injury claims against than others. Journalists and private investigators are just two examples of occupations, which are exposed to a high risk of being sued for personal injury.

What Is Personal Injury?

To avoid common misconceptions, we first need to clarify the concept of "personal injury". Note that personal injury is a completely different type of loss, having nothing to do with bodily injury and property damage. Unlike these two types of loss, personal injury is non-material, i.e. it has to do with violation of privacy or damage to one's reputation.

Examples of personal injury include defamation of character, invasion of personal space, privacy or home, malicious prosecution, unlawful arrest, search or eviction.

Who Is Personal Injury Insurance For

General liability policies typically provide personal injury liability insurance coverage which protects the insured's assets in the event that the insured is sued for harm arising out of violation of other people's privacy, damage to other people's reputation or any other unlawful act causing some sort of inconvenience to others.

Journalists and reporters are among the most susceptible to being sued for defamation of character, such as slander or libel, and even of privacy violation, such as when paparazzi take shots of famous people without their consent. The other personal injury liability risk group contains people whose duties involve invading other people's privacy or home, such as private investigators.

The police can be sued for unlawful arrests, and malicious prosecution. Tenants can also raise personal injury liability claims against landlords for unlawful eviction.

In all of the above situations, having personal injury liability insurance would cushion the financial consequences of having to pay personal injury damages in a lawsuit.

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