How to handle my bodily injury liability insurance claim?


If you have sustained bodily injuries as a result of an accident, you are most probably eligible for receiving compensation for your losses and your pain and suffering. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you can get compensatory damages of a certain amount, in addition to which you might be awarded punitive damages, if the person responsible for the accident has exercised gross negligence.

Although it all seems very simple, there is one significant step that separates the accident from the compensation - and that is resolving the bodily injury liability insurance claim. From filing a bodily injury claim to reaching a favorable settlement, this is a process that requires a lot of time and patience on your side.

To ensure you receive an adequate compensation for your pain and suffering in a bodily injury liability insurance claim, you can follow the tips listed below.

  • Carefully consider whether to file a claim at all. If you have suffered minor bodily injuries, it might not be worth the hassle trying to receive any compensation. If you have sustained minor to moderate soft tissue injuries or severe injuries, you should file a liability insurance claim.
  • Only resort to the help of a professional advisor if you can deal with the claim yourself. Apart from the high commissions bodily injury liability attorneys get, they might leave you in debt by encouraging you to increase your medical bills. However, an insurance company might refuse to pay all the medical expenses, leaving you in a financially unfavorable situation.
  • Do not listen to people urging you to go to the doctor when you don't need to. Some doctors, part of the "bodily injury liability scam" - might give the wrong diagnosis only to collect part of your compensation.
  • When dealing with the insurance adjuster, keep in mind that they will in all probability do their best to try and resolve your claim as soon as possible and for a minimum settlement amount. Don't sign anything if you don't feel ready for it! Describe your injuries and the circumstances around the accident and make sure you don't exaggerate or miss anything out!
  • Do not accept the first settlement offer: be ready to negotiate, if you feel it is unfair. Usually, double the amount of your medical fees is considered a reasonable bodily injury liability insurance settlement amount.
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