Who needs contractor liability insurance in California?


All contractors who are working in California should obtain a general contractor liability insurance. Although it is not required by law, a contractor or any person will be having a hard time getting work or obtaining various types of projects if he does not have general contractor liability in California.

The general contractor liability insurance is intended to look after business owners and operators from a wide range of accountabilities and damages. The general contractor liability insurance in California has five categories:

  • Bodily injury

    This insurance policy refers to any physical harm done to any worker or personnel at the place of your business.

  • Products liability

    Products liability is intended to cover the losses related to your business. It can be in a form of project, product, or service.

  • Personal injury

    In contrast to bodily injury, personal injury refers to any intangible damage to a company or its image. Examples of this are complaints related to a person's or business' image, reputation, and character. Cases of libel and slander are covered by this policy.

  • Advertisement injury

    This kind of coverage will protect you and your company any promotional or advertising damages or lawsuits. Examples of which are copyright infringement, trademark issues, false claims, and defamation.

  • Independent contractor liability

    The independent contractor liability insurance policy covers all the losses caused due to the act of the contractor. This protects independent contractors from any potential liability that could have lifted by their clients. 

The general contractor liability insurance also covers medical payments. That is why this kind of insurance policy is recommended to all contractors.

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