Will your home insurance premiums increase if you make a claim after an accident that wasn't your fault?


When it comes to homeowners insurance, yes, since a claim will be put on your record regardless of who is at fault, this will negatively affect your premium rates.

What you should do first is to check the liability of the person who was at fault. For instance, if someone rear ends your wall, it is his responsibility to pay for the damage. You can file for liability to ensure that he pays for his obligation. The driver at fault will use his liability coverage on his car insurance to help pay for the damages.

If it is a case where you did not know who is liable (such as the case of a hit and run), then you can file a claim, but this will result in an increase in your premiums the next time you renew your policy.

The same is the case for natural disasters, such as hailstorms, lightning storms or windstorms. No one is at fault but when you make a claim, your insurance premiums will increase the next year.

Before you even make a claim against your homeowners insurance policy, you should also check whether the amount considerably exceeds the deductible. You see, if you make a claim and the insurance company will apply the deductible, this claim will still be filed in your claims record. Thus, you should consider carefully before you make a claim.

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