What are the home insurance rates by state?


The national average home insurance rate is around $800 a year - which, considering the exorbitant rates of other types of insurance, is comparatively inexpensive.

However, home insurance rates vary considerably from state to state, depending on a number of factors, such as geographical location, likelihood of natural disasters in the area, insurance claim history and worth of every particular home and its contents.

Home Insurance Rates by State

As a rule, those who live in high-risk zones normally pay some of the highest annual home insurance premiums. It costs home owners in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, California and Florida over $1,000 a year to insure their homes.

In addition, because these states are exposed to the risk of loss caused by natural disasters, home owners are expected to install certain loss-prevention features if they don't want their home insurance rates to double or triple. In some counties in Florida, for instance, home owners may pay as much as $7,000 a year for home insurance without the necessary mitigation elements installed.

Home owners in states such as Iowa, Utah and Oregon are luckier since their home insurance rates don't go above several hundred dollars per annum.

Here are the annual home insurance rates by state:

Alabama $890
Alaska $850
Arizona $640
Arkansas $800
California $937
Colorado $813
Connecticut $878
Delaware $530
District of Columbia $1012
Florida $1388
Georgia $703
Hawaii $776
Idaho $477
Illinois $674
Indiana $638
Iowa $596
Kansas $866
Kentucky $637
Louisiana $1257
Maine $573
Maryland $720
Massachusetts $925
Michigan $715
Minnesota $788
Mississippi $998
Missouri $707
Montana $666
Nebraska $783
Nevada $690
New Hampshire $669
New Jersey $726
New Mexico $638
New York $869
North Carolina $649
North Dakota $742
Ohio $530
Oklahoma $1018
Oregon $502
Pennsylvania $643
Rhode Island $919
South Carolina $851
South Dakota $628
Tennessee $706
Texas $1409
Utah $494
Vermont $677
Virginia $662
Washington $603
West Virginia $650
Wisconsin $490
Wyoming $648
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