Who is the National Flood Insurance program for?


Since damages caused by flood are specifically excluded from homeowners insurance policies, individuals whose properties are exposed to the risk of flooding must look for special flood insurance available through the National Flood Insurance Program governed by the Federal Management Agency (FEMA).

When to Buy Flood Insurance

If you live in a coastal area which is prone to hurricane winds and heavy rainfalls, then the National Flood Insurance Program is what you should consider enrolling in.

Traditionally, hurricanes hit the Eastern coast of America every summer, sometimes with a devastating force. Therefore, anyone living in a hurricane-prone area, such as Florida and North Carolina, should buy protection against flood, in addition to their homeowners policies which cover damage caused by wind.

Having both coverages will ensure that you will get compensation for all losses incurred due to a natural disaster, regardless of the nature of the disaster.

Characteristics of the National Flood Insurance Program

  • The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides flood insurance to almost 20,000 communities nationwide. The local authorities participate in the NFIP by adopting regulations aimed at reducing damages caused by floods. The residents of each of the participating counties can choose whether to purchase readily available flood insurance which is also very inexpensive.
  • Implementation of the NFIP floodplain management regulations has resulted in the significant reduction of the damage repair costs incurred due to floods. In addition, constructions built in adherence to the National Flood Insurance Program standards, tend to be more weather and flood resistant than buildings that have not been constructed in compliance with these standards.
  • The National Flood Insurance Program is committed to raising awareness of the flood risks in a bid to prevent calamities. To do this, Federal Management Agency has been increasingly involved in mapping flood hazards.
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