Can anybody do a land title search? What information do I need to have?


A basic land title search can be done by most anybody. The documents related to the title are public anyway. Land titles fall under Real Property Ordinance Law or Common Law.

To do a land title search, you should have the property's address, the deed number and the lot number. You should also have the folio and volume number of the Certificate of Title. You can also use the owner's full name, but this is not as accurate, as there are times when there may be multiple persons having the same name as the owner. Also, there can be more than one titleholder.

You may also conduct a general search of registered documents using the full name of the property owner. However, the result of this type of search may not be as accurate because more than one person can have the same name.

A registered land title search will yield details such as lines, easements, caveats and mortgages. The land title search will also provide information such as the boundaries of the property, the rights attached to the title, and the details of the landlord. There are also some organizations which provide land title search services.

Other types of title search you can conduct would be a current historical title, a current certificate of title and cancelled historical title.

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