How can I get inexpensive mobile home insurance in Florida?


It is very difficult to find cheap mobile home insurance in Florida: the state has some of the highest Homeowners insurance rates in the country, and - as an unwritten rule - mobile homes are even more expensive to insure than permanent homes.

However, you can still use some money-saving tips to get the mobile home coverage that is best suited to you for an affordable price.

Tips for Saving on Mobile Home Insurance in Florida

Because a large portion of the state is situated in a high-risk zone prone to natural disasters, Florida's medium home insurance rates are almost double the national average home insurance premium.

Mobile home owners are even more affected by this, since their dwellings are considered more unstable than permanent homes. Some home insurance providers have even pulled out of high-risk zones, refusing to sell mobile home insurance in areas where natural disasters are the rule, rather than the exception.

Still, there are some ways of getting relatively cheap mobile home insurance in the state of Florida, if the following steps are taken:

  • When filling in an online insurance application form, think about factors which can affect your mobile home insurance premium. Raise your deductible as much as possible, and take advantage of all the discounts that you qualify for.
  • Make improvements to your mobile home, which are intended to minimize the damage to your dwelling. Mobile home insurance underwriters will lower the premium if they see that your home is exposed to a lower risk of being destroyed or suffering any kind of loss. Installing wind mitigating features is strongly encouraged in Florida and can reduce your premium three or even four times.
  • Remember that flood is not insured against by mobile home insurance, you need to purchase additional flood coverage, instead.
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