How can I find the best home insurance companies?


The best way to compare home insurance companies is by obtaining an insurance quote from at least a dozen of them. Websites sporting online quote tools allow you to get home insurance quotes from multiple companies and compare them in order to pick the best one.

Tips for Selecting the Best Home Insurance Company

The "best" home insurance company can be defined as the company that is among the most reliable and financially sound insurers, while at the same time offering policies with good coverage at a reasonable price.

You can single out the best home insurance company using the following tips:

  • There are thousands of insurance companies, which calls for the need to narrow down your search. You cannot possibly research every company under the sun, offering home insurance.
  • A good starting point is getting an online home insurance quote. Simply filling out an application form and clicking on the "Submit" button will automatically present you with at least a dozen quotes offered by different insurers. This is the best basis for comparing home insurance providers.
  • It is common for insurance companies to contact you on the email or phone number specified in the online quote form after you have submitted your application. Study all the quotes in detail, comparing coverage amounts, deductibles, exclusions (very important!) and endorsements. Ask if you can take advantage of any discounts to lower your premium. Most importantly, though, focus on the coverage (home insurance policies usually have a lot of gaps).
  • Pick a few quotes whose conditions match your needs. Go to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website and compare the home insurance providers in question for their reliability and financial strength. Alternatively, you can view the insurer ratings of the companies offered by rating organizations such as Best's. Always go for insurance providers with the best ratings - A, A+ or A-. Anything below that is considered an unnecessary risk.
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