How does having a swimming pool affect homeowner's insurance?


Insurance companies consider the pool as an additional risk - it's really a liability magnet. The potential for lawsuits by other people you invite into your house and into your pool is great, especially if you are into pool parties and have children who love having their friends over for a swim. You are even held responsible for bad events that happen even to people who aren't invited! Yes, if someone trespassed on your house, swam on your pool and drowned, you can be sued for liability.

Also, pools are a negative factor, not just for liability but also for diminished stability of the house's foundations and an increased possibility of flooding. Thus, having a swimming pool will affect homeowners insurance in that you will have to pay higher premiums when you own a pool.

Let's talk about what factors will affect your homeowners insurance with regards to owning a swimming pool.

  • What kind of family do you have? If you have small children or teenagers, you will be more likely to have your children's guests around?
  • How common is it to have pools in your area? If a pool is common, then it won't really have an impact on your insurance. But if pools are not that common in your area, you will find that the insurance companies will charge you with higher premiums.
  • What safety measures have you made? Does the pool have a fence to keep people out? Do you have a sign posted in visible areas stating that you have a pool? Do you have a pool cover that you use on the pool during the times that it is not in use?
  • Where is your pool located? Insurers think it is riskier to have a pool in front of the house where people can readily see it and be tempted to get in for a swim. It is "safer" to have the pool in a less visible area, such as your backyard.
  • Does your pool have a diving board? Some insurance companies don't want to insure a pool with a diving board, while some may agree but will charge you with high premiums.
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