Can I do a house title search myself? Where can I go?


Before we answer that, we recommend that you hire a professional to do the title search. They are more experienced and well versed in the complexities of the house title search. We tell you, the money spent is worth it. There are legal and other real estate issues that one with a background on title search will know.

Indeed, conducting a title search on a house is complicated and a daunting task. Having said that, when you do a title search by going to the county records section or the county assessor. You should have your property address, tax ID, lot and block number handy to facilitate the search.

You should look at public documents that are related to the property. First, look at the details of the current owner, then investigate how the transfer of the property from the previous owner was made. And on and on you go. Then, you should also take a look at the tax records they have for the taxes related to the property to see if these are current and to check whether liens have been filed for unpaid taxes.

You should also check for other attachments and liens.

One great tool for you to use would be title search websites that offer the basic information on a property and the history of its title.

When you are applying for a mortgage on the property, the bank will also require title insurance, and consequently a title search.

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