Where can you find homeowners insurance that allows ownership of exotic pets?


You should first check whether the ownership of that exotic pet is legal in your state. It may not be legal to own some animals as pets in some states. Now, if it is legal, then you can start looking for homeowners insurance coverage with your pet in mind.

There are some homeowners insurance that can issue you a policy even if you are an owner of exotic pets. But, this may be a rare thing. You will find that it is hard to find a reasonably priced homeowners insurance policy when you own exotic pets such as snakes, other reptiles (such as iguanas), primates, spiders, or even something you see as totally harmless such as parrots.

One of the main reasons why insurance companies are reluctant to issue a policy to an owner of an exotic pet is that these pets are considered potential for liability. If a person goes into your home and is hurt or suffers loss because of your pet, you can face a lawsuit and these lawsuits may involve a significant amount of money, even if you were not at fault with the incident or event if you practiced safety measures with regards to your pet.

Just imagine, if your pet iguana gets startled and bites someone, that is grounds for a lawsuit - as well as angry neighbors or friends. One example is a 2009 case in Connecticut where a pet chimpanzee mauled a woman and left her with tragic injuries. The woman sued the pet owners for $50 million!

You can go to the internet to search for companies that provide insurance coverage for a pet owner such as yourself. Some insurance companies may consider issuing you an insurance policy if you are able to show that you have taken measures to keep people out of harm's way with regards to your pets.

If you can't find an insurance company in your area to do this, you can opt to exclude your exotic pets from the coverage. It is important for you to disclose to your insurance company the fact that you own a pet. Otherwise, this may be grounds for the insurance company to cancel your policy.

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