How do I handle a hurricane damage insurance claim?


Insurance companies are notorious for not handling claims fairly, especially when it comes to claims for damages caused by a hurricane. Insurers lose a great deal of money when a hurricane hits since this is the time they have to pay out claims in large numbers. This makes insurer representatives very cunning when claim time strikes, and they systematically try their best to pay as little as possible.

How to Get What You Deserve in Hurricane Claims

  • Rule of thumb: remember that the insurance adjuster that your insurance company sends over works in your insurer's best interest, and not towards a claim settlement that will provide you a fair and adequate compensation.
  • Don't agree to a claim settlement deal offered by your insurer, if you feel it is not enough to rebuild your home after it has been damaged by a hurricane. Never take "no" for an answer if you have been denied hurricane claim settlement. Seek other options or professional advice.
  • To avoid the latter from happening, you can hire an independent public insurance claims adjuster who will try to get the maximum out of your claim for you. However, you should only hire a public adjuster when you feel your hurricane insurance claim has not been settled in a fair way. Also, be prepared to pay the public insurance claim adjuster up to 15 percent of the awarded damages.
  • Hurricane damage claims are very complicated due to the insurance companies' reluctance to provide a fair settlement. This is why you are strongly advised to seek the help of a professional lawyer, preferably a hurricane insurance claims attorney, if you feel you have been cheated or victim of an unfair settlement. As is the case with public insurance adjusters, hurricane insurance claims lawyers charge high fees so you should make sure hiring one is worthwhile.
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