How do I get a mobile home owner insurance quote?


You can get an insurance quote for your mobile home online - many websites provide American consumers the opportunity to obtain multiple mobile home owner insurance quotes for free and within just a few minutes. All you need to do is fill out a form, answering a dozen questions about yourself, your mobile home and your insurance claims record.

Getting the Right Mobile Home Owner Insurance Quote

  • Shop around - this should be the rule of thumb while you are looking for any type of insurance but it is especially crucial to searching for a mobile home owner insurance quote, because mobile home insurance can be very expensive.
  • Online mobile home insurance quote websites generate quotes by different insurance providers. The key to finding the best one out of the many offers is to compare them according to price and coverage. Don't forget to check each home owner insurance provider's history and rating.
  • Mobile home insurance is more expensive than regular home insurance. Therefore, you should look for an affordable quote. However, try not to sacrifice value for price! Make sure your mobile home insurance quote has a broad, instead of limited, coverage.

The Mobile Home Owner Insurance Form

Although there are probably hundreds of insurance quote websites, the information that consumers will be asked for when getting a mobile home owner insurance quote, are more or less standard. You will need to provide the following information before getting a personalized mobile home insurance quote:

  • Personal information, such as name, email, contact phone number and address.
  • Information about the mobile home, such as home usage, address, home manufacturer and year in which it was manufactured, dimensions of home, distance to Fire Department, distance to the coast, whether it is skirted and tied down, whether the home is on wheels or has a permanent foundation, whether the siding type is vinyl, wood or metal, whether the home is located in a flood area.
  • Mortgage details.
  • Desired coverage and endorsements.
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